What Is A Mid Handicap Golfer?

What Is A Mid Handicap Golfer? Handicap is a commonly used term in golf. It specifies the golfer’s skill level or professionalism.

Suppose you are a newbie golfer and curious about different golf terms. Then this article is for you. In this article, I’m going to talk about a common term which is a handicap. Basically, I’m going to concentrate on Mid Handicap Golfer.

What Is a mid handicap golfer and how to refer to golf?

Handicap refers to the benchmark that describes the ability of golfers over a round of golf. It is measured by the strokes a golfer plays above or below par.

The lower your handicap number is, the better golfer you are. Just like our class rolls, if your class roll is 1, then you are better than those whose roll is 7.

According to USGA Handicap System, the highest handicap index for men is 36.4, and for women, it’s 40.4. However, the handicap rules vary from country to country.

There are three categories:

  • High handicap
  • Mid handicap
  • Low handicap

What is considered mid handicap in golf?

Golfers whose handicap is between 11 and 20 and usually shoot between 80 and 95 are considered mid handicappersMid Handicappers cover a wide range of golfers.

Mid handicappers are those who are good golfers, but there is a scope for improvement in their shots. They are quite experienced and work with their shots to be low handicap golfers.

Who is better than mid-handicap golfers?

Low handicap golfers are better than mid-handicap golfers. Golfers whose handicap is in single-digit and can constantly shoot 80 are considered low handicappers. They are skilled players. They usually shoot close to par.  

Low handicappers play with confidence. They know how long their shot will go. They usually don’t miss their target, but you know anyone can’t be perfect all the time. One or two shots may be missed.

Tips to become a low handicap golfer in 2022

Analyze your game and understand what you have to improve: 

No one can understand better expect you, what is your strength and weakness. Whatever you are doing, be it your exam preparation or playing golf, if you want to do better, you have to work on your shortcomings.

So firstly, analyze your game and understand your lacking. Then you can work on it.

Work on your lacking’s

Suppose your swing lacks turn. In this case, you have to work on your strike pattern and angle of attack. Similarly, you have to pay attention to your shortcomings. For better results, you can get advice from an expert.

Game strategy

Every pro golfer comes to the ground with an excellent game strategy. Because they know golf is not only a game of talent and technique but also game strategy.

Mental preparation

Some say that golf requires 90% mental and 10% physical skills. You have to prepare for both pre-shot and post-shot. You can practice yoga or other mind relaxing process

  1. To build a strong mental game
  2. Avoid lower back pain or injuries
  3. Increase flexibility for golf

Try to be consistent.

Consistency is a vital requirement to lower handicaps. It’s nearly impossible to make consistent contact each time you hit a shot. But if you concentrate on some factors, you can mostly hit with consistency. Those are:

  1. Focus on your grip and posture.
  2. Clubface position
  3. Hand position

Practice with proper technique

Everyone advises to practice. But without following proper technique, practice is like roaming in the forest without a map. If you wish to be a pro golfer, then you have to practice golf regularly and, most importantly, with proper technique.


A player’s performance much depends on his fitness. You have to be fit and healthy to apply all your game strategies and techniques, Right?

You have to follow a workout routine that should include –

  1. Stretching: This will increase your flexibility which is a common requirement for golf
  2. Core Exercise: Core strength improves your golf swing.
  3. Hip exercise: Hip strength gives you an extra advantage in your game.

For better outgrowth, you can consult with a fitness trainer.

What are the best irons for a mid handicapper?

The highest number of golfers are mid handicappers. So almost all the manufacturers design equipment, especially for mid handicappers. So if you are in this category, you have a wide range of choices. 

Mid handicappers need an iron that offers more forgiveness and develops their performance. In this article, I would like to recommend the best iron in 2022 for the mid handicappers. I’ve made a shortlist of the 3 best irons for mid handicappers.

Turbo HB Iron Set

The first iron on my list is the Turbo Hb Iron Set of Cleveland. You would probably love these irons. HB Turbo iron has high-strength steel face features that increase ball speeds and gives you the explosive distance. Also, These Wedges should be a beginner carry.

Its fully hollow construction provides ultimate forgiveness, which is essential for a mid handicapper. I noticed they are low and deep weighted, which helps hit the ball easily and get the desired distance. 

Titleist T200

Titleist T200 is much like game improvement iron. Along with its classic look, it maintains forgiveness and distance. Its thin topline, wide sole, and short blade length are great. 

Its new max impact technology improves ball speeds on off-center hits and efficiency at impact. 

Srixon ZX5

I think Srixon ZX5 is a complete package of stability, forgiveness and feel for mid handicappers. Its milled pattern on the backside maximizes ball speed and distance on every shot. 

Its grooves are sharp and narrow. So you will get more spin and stopping power on approach shots. You can hit the ball constantly with enhanced speed and distance. What else you can expect from an iron. 

Final thought

If you are a mid-handicap golfer, you are already an acceptable golfer. But you have to work to be consistent. Your shots have to be more accurate if you wish to be a low handicapper. Though consistency is not easy to gain, the above tips can help you to improve your game. In this article, we just try to learn What Is A Mid Handicap Golfer. if you like our article please share it with your social media account. if you have any queries about this topic please write in below comment section.

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