How To Polish Golf Clubs – The Ultimate Guide

Had a tough day in the greens?  Look at your golf clubs they must be muddy and messy after a whole day’s swinging and putting.

For a true golf lover, golf equipment is like his favorite toy. If you are a passionate golfer and respect this game you won’t feel like going on the course with messy and dirty golf clubs. Besides, grass and dirt in the golf face can disturb your shots.

There is a famous quote “Clean your space, Clean your mind”. As like we all know golf is more of a mind game. A cleaned and polished golf club set can help you to concentrate on your game.

This article will give you everything you need to know about how to polish your golf clubs and why it’s so important for improving your game.

What you need to polish golf clubs

If you don’t want to change your fancy golf clubs frequently, you should know How to polish your golf clubs. It’s high time to invest some time to clean, polish and maintain them properly.

Cleaning and polishing are an inevitable part of maintaining golf clubs. I think, polishing your golf clubs is one of the cheapest ways to lengthen the lifespan of your golf clubs.

Before polishing you need to clean your golf clubs properly. The dirt and debris stuck on club faces, heads, grips and shafts can damage your favorite golf clubs and dim their shine.

Fortunately, some basic and low-cost materials can help you to restore the shine and lengthen the lifespan of your clubs. Those are:

  • Bucket
  • Lukewarm water
  • Mild soap
  • Toothbrush/ soft-bristled brush
  • A towel
  • Chrome or metal polish
  • A cloth

Step by step guide: How To Polish Golf Clubs?

Step 1

Firstly you need to clean your golf clubs. To clean the dust take two or three tablespoons of mild soap and mix it with lukewarm water. Make sure the water is not too hot because that can damage your club.

Step 2

Dip the club’s heads in the bucket and wait for 5 to 10 minutes. This will loosen the dirt from the clubs. Then you can simply use a toothbrush or medium bristle brush to clean the left dirt. There are cleaning tools like brushes specifically for golf clubs you can also pick one for yours.

Step 3

After cleaning the clubs, dry them off with a towel. It’s also important to make sure that your golf clubs are dry before you start polishing them. Because if they aren’t, the polish won’t stick to them properly and you won’t get the results you’re looking for.

Step 4:

Apply a small amount of metal or chrome polish to the grooves of your clubs. Polish your clubs from the top down. Let it set for a few minutes. Then take a clean cloth and remove the excess polish from your clubs.

 Spray polishes are also available. You can also check out them.

Important points to remember while Polishing golf clubs

  1. Make sure that you’ve removed all debris from the grooves before you begin polishing. Use a golf club cleaner or solvent to clean your clubs.
  2.  Your clubs should be clean and dry before you start polishing them.
  3.  Make sure that you’re using the right grit of polish for your clubs.
  4. Polish your clubs from the top down.
  5.  Let the polish dry for a couple of minutes before removing the excess.


Q1. How often should I clean my golf clubs?

Some players choose to clean and polish their clubs after every use, while others will clean and polish their clubs once a month. It really depends on how often you play golf and how often your clubs get used.

But I clean my clubs after every use and also recommend others to do so. 

Q2. Can I use WD40 to clean my golf clubs?

Yes, you can. WD40 is ideal to clean your golf clubs. It removes dirt and rust from your golf equipment and makes those shiny like brand-new.

But you should know that WD40 isn’t suitable for all kinds of golf equipment. You can apply WD40 on equipment that is made of iron like wedges and hybrids. Avoid using WD40 on equipment that is made of wood or copper.

Q3. How to clean golf club grips & shafts

Sometimes we don’t pay attention to our golf clubs’ grips and shafts. As a result, continuous sweat and dirt stuck there. This can affect your swing and can lessen the lifespan of your favorite fancy clubs.

To clean golf club grips and shifts you can simply wipe them with a wet cloth and let them dry. But if you haven’t cleaned the grips and shafts for a long time there must be dirt and drives left on the clubface in that case you can follow the process below-

  • Mix some mild soap or detergent in tepid water.
  •  Soak a small towel in the mixture then clean your club’s grips and shafts with that.
  • Don’t forget to dry off the grip and shafts with another dry cloth.
  • Then you can just leave them to air dry

Q4. What solvent should I use to clean my clubs?

It’s up to you whether you want to use mild soap, detergent, WD40 or other solvents to clean your clubs. Besides, there are many different cleaning solvents out there specially made for golf clubs. You have to make sure that you use one that’s safe for your clubs.

Final thoughts

See, Golf is a game of discipline. Every player needs to maintain a routine to practice consistently and systematically. It helps the golfer to take their skills next level. Providing good maintenance to golf equipment is an inevitable part of that routine.

Cleaning golf equipment makes them free from dirt and derbies. And polishing them brings back the shine like brand new. Fortunately, it is not a complicated process and doesn’t take much time. Overall 30 to 40 minutes is enough. But trust me this simple process can add years to the life of your clubs.  

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