Golf Cart vs UTV: 7 Differences You Must Know

Golf Cart vs UTV is a must to know when you have been thinking a golf cart is a UTV. Various states and counties have particular laws regarding the use of these vehicles on public roads.

A golf cart shines when it comes to effortlessly transporting people. It can be seen shuttling airport and campus security personnel. On the other hand, a utility vehicle (UTV), is built to tackle more substantial loads and navigate challenging, rugged terrain with ease.

Before making your choice, let’s take a comprehensive look at Golf Cart vs UTV. Plus, be sure to check the local laws in your area to make the right decision.

Golf Cart vs UTV: Comparison At A Glance

If you are limited on time, yet are desperate to know the difference between a golf cart and a UTV, then check out the following table.

Factor Golf Cart UTV (Utility Task Vehicle)
Hauling and Towing Primarily designed for golfers and gear, not ideal for heavy loads. Customization can be costly for towing equipment. Built for work, equipped with tow hitches, and capable of towing trailers, attaching equipment, and more. Suitable for heavy loads.
Road Legal Use Typically allowed on public roads, especially in areas where golf carts are permitted. Local regulations vary. Road legality depends on location. Some states and counties permit UTVs, while others restrict use to golf carts only. Local rules can vary.
Fuel Source Available in gas and electric models. Electric models emit no fumes, making them suitable for indoor use. Offer gas, diesel, and electric options. Diesel models are practical for on-site use. Electric UTVs are available but may be less powerful.
Speed Generally slower, with top speeds between 10 mph and 25 mph. Faster with speeds ranging from 45 mph to 60 mph.
Noise Designed for quiet operation, whether gas or electric. Gas and diesel UTVs are considerably louder. Electric UTVs provide a quieter alternative.
Cargo Space Primarily designed for golf bags and related equipment. Some models offer optional cargo beds. Seats two to six passengers and typically features a cargo bed, offering more generous and versatile cargo space.
Price Base models are relatively affordable. Highly customized golf carts can reach the UTV price range. Base models are pricier. UTVs are often compared to highly customized golf carts in terms of pricing.

Golf Cart vs UTV: How They Are Not the Same

A golf cart and a UTV will never be the same. So, if you are one of those who think a golf cart and a UTV are kind of the same, then you need to go through the following 7 differences between these two vehicles.

01. Hauling and Towing

Compared to work attachments, UTVs can handle more accessories. Most of the time, tow hitches are attached to UTVs. Therefore, they are good for hauling trailers. Plus, they can connect to various landscaping equipment, like disc harrows or seeders. On top of that, UTVs even offer the flexibility to attach snowplow buckets or winches.

On the other hand, golf carts are primarily designed to transport a few golfers and their gear. They are not suitable for handling heavy loads. Although it is possible to customize golf carts with tow hitches and other accessories, this customization can be relatively expensive.

Which One Is Good For You: Golf Cart or UTV?

If your primary objective involves hauling materials or performing work tasks, UTVs are the more suitable choice.

02. Road Legal Use

Whether you can use a UTV or golf cart on a public roadway depends entirely on your location. Some states and counties permit both UTVs and golf carts on public roads. With that said others restrict their use to golf carts only.

For example, in Ohio, you may have the flexibility to use UTVs on public roads in certain areas. However, the rules can vary by county. Speaking of the legality on public roads, you may also get a DUI on a golf cart .

Which One Is Good For You: Golf Cart or UTV?

Comparing a golf cart and a UTV becomes irrelevant in places where only golf carts are allowed. Thus, the comparison between UTVs and golf carts is only meaningful if you reside in one of the few states or counties that permit both types of vehicles on public roads.

03. Fuel Source

UTVs come in various fuel options, including gas, diesel, and electric models. Many large worksites have on-site diesel tanks. This makes diesel UTVs a convenient choice. If diesel is not available, gas-powered UTVs are a practical alternative.

Electric UTVs are also an option, although they might not be as powerful as gas or diesel models. They are more suitable for lighter tasks, such as landscaping. In contrast, golf carts are available in gas and electric versions. Electric golf carts don’t emit fumes. So, they are an eco-friendly choice, which makes them suitable for indoor use.

Which One Is Good For You: Golf Cart or UTV?

Both UTVs and golf carts are available in fuel and electric versions. If we consider the fuel type, it doesn’t matter which one you choose. However, for longer runs, UTVs will perform better, whether they are fuel-powered or electric.

04. Speed

Generally, UTVs outpace golf carts when it comes to speed. Most golf carts have top speeds ranging from 10 mph to 25 mph. Usually, it requires upgrades or modifications to reach higher speeds with a golf cart.

UTVs, on the other hand, offer significantly higher speed capabilities. Commonly, their speeds range from 45 mph to 60 mph. Top-end UTV models can even reach speeds of up to 85 mph.

Which One Is Good For You: Golf Cart or UTV?

Therefore, if speed is a critical factor in your choice, UTVs are the clear winner. They provide faster transportation and performance.

05. Noise

Golf carts are specifically designed for quiet operation on the golf course. This is applicable to golf carts that are powered by gas or electricity. To ensure a peaceful and serene golfing experience, these vehicles generate minimal noise levels.

In contrast, gas and diesel UTVs tend to be considerably louder. If you are looking for a quieter option, it is advisable to opt for an electric UTV. Such UTVs can be a great noise-reducing alternative.

Which One Is Good For You: Golf Cart or UTV?

Golf carts are quieter than UTVs. If you want to enjoy noise-free travel, you should go on golf carts. However, you can mostly expect a silent ride inside a golf course.

06. Cargo Space

golf cart vs utvTypically, UTVs have seats for two to six passengers. These vehicles are equipped with a cargo bed, usually around 4 feet long. As a result, you can conveniently transport various cargo. Additionally, on many UTVs, the back row can be folded down to create even more cargo space.

In comparison, golf carts can generally seat between two and four passengers. They are primarily designed for carrying golf bags and similar equipment. Some golf cart models offer optional cargo beds to expand their cargo-carrying cart vs utv

Which One Is Good For You: Golf Cart or UTV?

UTVs tend to have more generous and versatile cargo space than golf carts due to their design. So, when we discuss a golf cart vs UTV in terms of cargo space, UTVs are the clear winners.

07. Price

Normally, stock golf carts and stock UTVs are not compared because the price difference between the two is quite substantial. But a golf cart will become comparable in price to a UTV when it is heavily customized.

For instance, certain high-end golf carts hailing from the Extreme line are sold for $14,000 to $25,000. These luxury golf carts feature custom cushions, paint jobs, rims, LED lights, advanced audio systems, and more.

The value attached to either a golf cart or a UTV can vary from person to person. What someone values in a golf cart may differ greatly from what another person values in a UTV. Thus, comparing the prices of UTVs and golf carts can be challenging.

Which One Is Good For You: Golf Cart or UTV?

Ultimately, the choice between a golf cart and a UTV should not be based solely on price but on individual preferences.

Bottom Line

In summary, the choice between a Golf Cart and a UTV depends on two things. One is your intended use and the other one is local regulations. While golf carts excel at passenger transport and light-duty tasks on smooth terrain, UTVs are the go-to option for heavy lifting and off-road adventures.

Understanding Golf Cart vs UTV and adhering to local laws will guide you in choosing the right vehicle.

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