How to Paint a Golf Cart Roof in 5 Simple Steps

How To Paint A Golf Cart Roof

At some point, your golf cart won’t look as good as it used to. Then, you probably look for ways to give your golf cart a fresh and appealing look. For that, we will learn how to paint a golf cart roof today. Repainting your golf cart roof is a straightforward process. It involves prepping your painting area, removing the golf cart’s roof, preparing it for painting, applying the paint, and finally, reattaching the roof. Your cart will achieve a …

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Picking the Perfect Ride: 36V vs 48V Golf Cart

36v Vs 48v Golf Cart

When you are going to choose a golf cart, the choice will mainly come down to two options – 36V and 48V. That is when the “36V vs 48V golf cart” debate arises. A 36V golf cart is like a trusty sedan, offering reliable performance on flat surfaces and smooth terrain. On the other hand, a 48V golf cart is the sportier option. It is designed for those seeking a bit more “oomph” in their ride. It gives you that …

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Golf Cart vs UTV: 7 Differences You Must Know

golf cart vs utv

Golf Cart vs UTV is a must to know when you have been thinking a golf cart is a UTV. Various states and counties have particular laws regarding the use of these vehicles on public roads. A golf cart shines when it comes to effortlessly transporting people. It can be seen shuttling airport and campus security personnel. On the other hand, a utility vehicle (UTV), is built to tackle more substantial loads and navigate challenging, rugged terrain with ease. Before …

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How To Start A Golf Cart Without Key: The Best 6 Methods

how to start a golf cart without key

Losing the key to your golf cart while you are out on the course can turn a leisurely day into an unexpected challenge. You might find yourself stuck, wondering how to start a golf cart without keys. The good news is that there are practical solutions to this problem that don’t require a locksmith or a tow truck. In this guide, we will explore a range of straightforward methods that can help you get your golf cart back in action. …

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A Quick Guide: How Long Does It Take To Charge A Golf Cart?

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Golf Cart

How long does it take to charge a golf cart? It is a common question that holds considerable importance among golfers and enthusiasts. The charging time can significantly impact your day on the course. Normally, it will take around 6 to 8 hours to charge a golf cart battery, whether it is a 36-volt, 48-volt, or electric golf cart battery. However, there are a few factors that will affect the total charging time of a golf cart battery. The charging …

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How To Test A Golf Cart Motor: The 3 Steps You Need

How To Test A Golf Cart Motor

The golf cart’s motor is like the heartbeat of this humble vehicle. So, it is essential to keep it running smoothly. But have you ever wondered how to test a golf cart motor? To effectively test your golf cart motor, start by testing the power source using a 120-volt tester. Next, perform a motor reset by locating the ‘Reset’ button on the motor and pressing it to restart the motor engine. Check the terminals by disconnecting and marking the wires. …

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Choosing An Ideal 6 Inch Golf Cart Lift Kit: A Buyer’s Guide

6 Inch Golf Cart Lift Kit

A 6 inch golf cart lift kit may be just what you need when you want to take your golf cart off-road. Plus, it will take your cart to the next level in terms of style and performance. Regardless of your driving preferences, installing a 6 inch golf cart lift kit can make a significant difference. This can come in handy to add a unique touch to your cart. To choose the right 6 inch golf cart lift kit, you …

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4 Inch Lift vs 6 Inch Lift: 10 Main Differences

4 Inch Lift vs 6 Inch Lift

When it comes to enhancing your cart’s style and off-road performance, choosing the Best golf lift kit is paramount. Mostly, you have two primary options: the 4 inch lift and the 6 inch lift. These kits can elevate your driving experience to new heights, quite literally. Before you start lifting your vehicle, you should consider a 4 inch lift vs 6 inch lift in terms of fuel consumption, tire compatibility, height, gear ratio, suspension, ease of use, installation cost, and …

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How To Make Golf Cart Seat Covers: The 6 Steps To Master

How To Make Golf Cart Seat Covers

Do you want to add a touch of style and functionality to your golf cart seats? Or do you want to protect the golf cart seats? Then you should know how to make golf cart seat covers. To make golf cart seat covers, you will need to measure your seats, select durable outdoor fabric, cut and sew the fabric pieces together. As an option, you can add closures like Velcro or decorative piping. The key steps include measuring, cutting, sewing, …

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How To Clean Golf Cart Seats? 6 Steps To Follow

How To Clean Golf Cart Seats

Golf carts are fun to drive and incredibly handy for zipping around. But have you ever wondered how to clean golf cart seats to ensure they stay in top shape for longer? To clean a golf cart seat, you can start by removing noticeable debris like leaves and dirt by hand or with a soft brush. Next, prepare a suitable cleaning solution and apply it to the seat. Rinse everything with clean, warm water using a new sponge or cloth. …

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