Golf Draw Vs Fade: 4 Major Differences You Didn’t Know

Golf Draw Vs Fade

Golf is a game of precision, and mastering various shots is crucial to being successful on the course. When it comes to golf, one of the most intriguing debates revolves around the choice between “golf draw vs fade.” These two shots represent distinct paths for your golf ball. While a draw curves right to left (for right-handed golfers), a fade does the opposite. Today, we will try to understand the main differences between these 2 shots. This is how you …

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What is an Executive Golf Course? A Golfer’s Guide in 2023

what is an executive golf course

Most likely, you are familiar with the concept of traditional golf courses. But have you ever wondered, “What is an executive golf course?” In simple terms, an executive golf course is a shorter version of a standard 18-hole golf course. It is like the condensed, fast-paced sibling of traditional golfing experiences. These courses, while not as widely known, have their own unique charm. If you are curious about executive golf courses and want to learn more, you better keep reading …

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How Many Acres For A Golf Course: 18 Hole, 9 Hole, and So on

how many acres for a golf course

Putting your hands on a new golf course project is always exciting. But it begins with a fundamental question: how many acres for a golf course? To create a comprehensive golfing experience, the required acreage varies. An 18 hole golf course is the most standard, which will require approximately 150 acres of land. An area of 60 to 100 acres is needed for a 9 hole golf course. Similarly, it only requires 20 to 40 acres of land for a …

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What Is A Condor In Golf? Meaning of Happening

What Is A Condor In Golf

If you are a regular golfer, you must have heard the term “Condor” and the word that comes with its rarity or impossible goal. So, have you ever wondered what is a condor in golf? Why is it so rare? Has anyone ever hit a condor? When a golfer scores a hole in one shot on par 5 is considered a condor. It will also be counted as a condor if anyone can score a hole in two shots in …

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The Top 10 Best Golf Youtube Channels in 2022

Best Golf Youtube channel

YouTube is the best companion for every golfer, no matter what stage you are in. But it’s really frustrating to spend hours finding the best youtube channel that will actually help you improve your game. Today I will make it simple and suggest the most popular and best golf YouTube channels in 2022. In those channels, the world’s best golfers share practical tips & tricks, golf equipment reviews and tutorials. I’m sure it’s going to take your game next level. …

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