Best Way To Clean Golf Balls

Best way to clean golf balls

Just like other golf equipment, you have invested your money in buying the best golf balls for you. Right? But after a day in the fairway, your balls must be dirty and muddy. Annoying right? I also feel the same. Sometimes I can’t even find them on the green or in a sand trap as they look like I’ve dipped them in mud.  But every time I enter the green, I carry brand new golf balls in my bag. No, …

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The Longest Golf Balls For Seniors

Longest Golf Balls For Seniors

Normally the swing speed of golfers reduces with age. So they need balls that give the highest distance and accuracy with low-spinning. The longest golf balls are convenient for senior golfers. The longest golf balls offer massive distance and control over shots. And this is what seniors look for in a golf ball. This article will cover everything about seniors’ golf balls. Best Longest golf balls for seniors 2022 Undoubtedly, the most used thing in your golf bag is a …

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How Long To Play 18 Holes of Golf?

How Long To Play 18 Holes of Golf

After going to a course the first thing that pops up in a newbie’s mind is how long to play golf. But the question doesn’t have a clear-cut answer. It depends on certain factors. This article will cover everything about the factors that are going to help you to estimate the average playtime of a round and some proven tips to improve your pace of play. How long does a round of golf take? On average it takes 3 and …

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What Is a Golf Scramble?

What is a golf scramble?

 A golf scramble is a fun and informal golf tournament format to get even the most novices of golfers engaged in the game. It is a great way for players of different skill levels to play together, making it perfect for charity fundraisers, corporate events, and other social outings where you want all participants to feel included. Let’s learn more about a golf scramble format and how it works so you can plan your next event. What is a golf …

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