The Top 10 Best Golf Youtube Channels in 2022

YouTube is the best companion for every golfer, no matter what stage you are in. But it’s really frustrating to spend hours finding the best youtube channel that will actually help you improve your game.

Today I will make it simple and suggest the most popular and best golf YouTube channels in 2022. In those channels, the world’s best golfers share practical tips & tricks, golf equipment reviews and tutorials. I’m sure it’s going to take your game next level.

Top 10 Best golf youtube channels in 2022

1. Rick Shiels Golf

Rick Shiels Golf is the most popular youtube channel with 2.36 million subscribers. This American golfer shares entertaining videos, amazing tips & tricks, and honest in-depth reviews of golf equipment. He also has a golf podcast.

People love him for his light fun videos and practical advice. The most interesting part is he plays against some of the best golfers in the world. In fact, there’s a playlist named “The Rick Shiels Golf Show” where he discusses details with professionals.

2. Peter Finch Golf 

The second position on my list is peter finch golf. It has 506k subscribers. Peter’s way of explanation is easy to understand. There are a lot of challenge videos with the famous golfer on his channel.

He is well known for his non-biased product reviews and effective tips and tricks. Recently he participated in The Open 2022 and shared his entire journey on his YouTube channel. The audience admired his hard work and dedication to the game.

3. Golf Side Kick

One of my favorite golf youtube channels is Golf Side Kick. Right now, the channel has 201K subscribers and is based in ThailandMatt always uploads relatable content like how to break 80, 90 or 100. His fluent explanation goes in-depth with every shot.

He has some amazing playlists like Zero to Hero, How to break 100 or Golf Sidekick experiments that help others to grow. His enthusiasm is inspiring.

4. Me And My Golf

PGA golf professional Andy Proudman and Piers Ward’s youtube channel have 862K subscribers. Their videos are mainly instructionalThey create innovative and informative golf content including golf coaching, fitness, travel and education.

Their effective tips and tricks are definitely going to help to improve your game. Keep an eye on the youtube channel on Monday for new videos.

5. Golf With Aimee

Aimee is a professional golfer. Her videos cover instructions to improve your game. She also gives mental game tips to strengthen a golfer’s mind during a round. Now she has 433K subscribers on her channel.

Keep an eye on the youtube channel on Wednesday for golf swing tips and Friday for mental game tips, course blogging and golf home training.

6. Mark Crossfield

Mark Crossfield is one of the oldest golf youtube channels. The channel started its journey in 2007 and now it has 378k Subscribers. Mark plays in some of the best courses in the world. He has tutorials for every type of golfer. His honest golf equipment reviews are another reason for this popularity.

7. No laying up

The most exciting thing about No Laying Up is they cover PGA & LPGA tours. Viewers get access to behind-the-scenes of the best PGA golfers. If you are looking for the latest news and gossip about the golf world, this channel will be the best for you.

They have course blogs, interviews with professionals & viewers and podcasts. Now No Laying Up has 109K subscribers. This rapidly growing channel is constantly creating relatable content for its passionate audiences.

8. Good Good

Just in 2 years, Good Good has reached 987K subscribers. This channel is growing rapidly. Here the gang of 6 have fun and play against each other in different courses in the USA.

The channel doesn’t have instructional videos, podcast, golf equipment reviews, or celebrity interviews. But yet its popularity is on top. That’s maybe newbie golfers enjoy their funny and light hearted videos. During free time I find myself watching 4/5 videos of them. I just enjoy it.

9. Golf Mates

This youtube channel brings fun videos for all from mid handicappers to PGA professionals. Right now, Golf mates have 184k subscribers. They share excellent tips to improve swing and shots.

Recently they have uploaded a 9-episode series named “Scotland Hidden Gems Series.” They have traveled all the way from Bolton to Scotland and covered some beautiful courses in Scotland.

I think the channel’s vibe suits middle age to older golfers better.

10. Txg Tour Experience Golf

My another favorite youtube channel is TXG Tour Golf. I always check the channel before buying a golf club. TXG Tour Golf basically reviews golf equipment. They are popular for their in-depth reviews of products. Through their videos, viewers know what to look for when trying new equipment. It has 195K subscribers.

There’s a playlist called “The Bracket” where they test the latest brands and explain every detail. Before buying a new golf club, don’t forget to check out the channel.


Which Is The Best Golf YouTube Channel?

Rick Shiels Golf is the best golf youtube channel. Rick makes all types of content, including course blogs, product reviews, podcasts and instructional videos. He plays against some of the best golfers in the world. He is well known for his light fun videos and simple way of explanation.

Who Is The Most Famous Golfer On YouTube?

Rick Shiels is the most famous golfer on youtube. He has 2.36 million subscribers and 10 million of video views. This American golfer shares entertaining videos, amazing tips & tricks, honest in-depth reviews of golf equipment. People love him for his light fun videos and practical advice.

Final Thoughts

Youtube is an amazing platform where you can learn from the world’s best golfers, access PGA tour players, and get in-depth reviews of every golf equipment. You can get all the updates on the golf world in one place. In this article, I have covered the 10 best golf youtube channels in 2022. So yeah, enjoy.

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