Baseball Cap vs Golf Cap: Uncovering 7 Key Differences

A lot of people are fond of baseball, but there are golf lovers as well. A baseball cap and a golf cap may seem similar at first glance, but they serve different purposes.

When we bring the “baseball cap vs golf cap” topic into the limelight, the key differences between these two headwear are in material, size, style, purpose, adjustability, price, and bill/visor. You can make the right choice for your specific activities by understanding the differences between these caps.

On that note, we will shed light on the key differences between a baseball cap and a golf cap. We will highlight their features, designs, and when to choose one over the other.

What are Golf Caps (Hats)?

To put it simply, golf caps are headwear designed for golfers. Generally, they have a stiff brim to shield the eyes from the sun. Often, these caps are made from lightweight and breathable materials to keep the head cool while playing golf.

Golf caps come in various styles. The main purpose of wearing a golf cap is to have protection from the sun during a golf round. Although some golfers now tend to wear bucket hats or snapback hats as a fashion statement, the traditional golf cap has not lost its appeal.

What are Baseball Caps?

Baseball caps are a type of hat with a rounded crown and a stiff brim. They are commonly made of fabric, often with a front panel designed for logos or designs.

Baseball caps are popular casual headwear. They are widely used in sports, fashion, and everyday life to shield the eyes from the sun. Plus, they can be a stylish element in a regular outfit.

Baseball Cap vs Golf Cap: Difference At A Glance

Before we go deeper, let’s take a look at the following comparison table to learn baseball cap vs golf cap quickly.

  Baseball Cap Golf Cap
Intended Purpose Originally designed for baseball players; versatile and worn for various activities. Specifically designed for golfers; provides sun protection and comfort during golf play.
Design Rounded crown and stiff, flat brim. Rounded crown and a curved brim for sun protection.
Materials Made from cotton, polyester, wool, etc. Often made from lightweight, breathable materials like polyester or blends.
Style Diverse and stylish designs. May have a sporty or classic style.
Adjustable Strap Many feature adjustable straps or snapback closures for a customizable fit. Some may have adjustable straps, but many are designed for a more secure fit.
Visor Stiff, flat visor with squared or rounded edges. Curved visor to shield eyes from the sun’s glare during golf play.
Price Generally cheaper than golf caps. Generally more expensive than baseball caps.

Are Baseball and Golf Caps the Same?

No, a baseball cap and a golf cap are not the same. So, sorry to break your mentality if you have been thinking these caps are the same. So, if you are thinking, “What is the Difference Between a Baseball Cap and a Golf Cap?” Then, you should consider the following facts.

#1 Materials

Golf caps are designed for comfort during golf play. So they are often made from lightweight, breathable materials. Common materials include moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester or blends. These materials in a golf cap ensure the golfer’s head stays cool and dry.

Baseball caps come in a wider variety of materials. Traditionally, these caps are made of cotton. However, materials like polyester, wool, and even leather can be used to make these caps. Actually, the choice of material depends on the intended use.

#2 Intended Purpose

Golf caps are specifically designed for golfers. They are intended to provide sun protection, reduce glare, and enhance comfort during a round of golf.

Originally, baseball caps were created for baseball players. However, these caps have a more general purpose. They are worn for fashion, sports, and various everyday activities. So, they are not limited to any specific sport.

#3 Head Sizes

Often, golf caps are available in a range of sizes. But they may be more limited in terms of size options compared to baseball caps. That is because golfers typically require a snug fit for stability during swings.

These are the common sizes for a golf cap:

Size Head Size Cap Size
Small to Medium 21 ⅞ inches to 22 ⅝ inches 7 inches to 7 ¼ inches
Medium to Large 22 ⅝ inches to 23 ½ inches 7 ¼ inches to 7 ½ inches
Large to X-Large 23 ½ inches to 24 ¼ inches 7 ½ inches to 7 ¾ inches
X-Large to XX-Large 24 ¼ inches to 25 inches 7 ⅞ inches to 8 inches

Compared to golf caps, baseball caps have a wider range in terms of sizes. Some of them come with adjustable straps or snapbacks. So, these caps are more suitable for various head sizes and preferences.

  • The average baseball cap size for men – 7 ⅜ inches
  • The average baseball cap size for women – 7 ¼ inches

#4 Style

Golf caps are designed to align with golf fashion traditions. So, they often have a sporty or classic style. They may have a more reserved and understated appearance.

Baseball caps are popular as fashion accessories. They are known for their diverse and stylish designs. They come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and team logos.

#5 Adjustable Strap

Golf caps may have adjustable straps for a customized fit. With that said, many feature a more fitted design without adjustable closures to provide stability during golf swings.

Many baseball caps feature adjustable straps, such as snapback closures or Velcro straps. So, the wearers can fine-tune the fit to their liking using these straps.

#6 Visors/Bills

Golf caps typically have a curved visor to shield the eyes from the sun’s glare during a golf game. Baseball caps have a stiff, flat visor that is iconic to the design. This visor style is consistent across all baseball caps.

#7 Price

Golf caps may vary in price depending on the brand, material, and design. Sometimes, they may come at a high price, especially if they are associated with a prestigious golf brand or event.

Baseball caps come in a wide price range, with options to suit various budgets. They are widely available at different price points. So, they are accessible to a broad audience.

Types of Golf Caps

There are several types of golf caps, each designed to cater to the different preferences and needs of golfers. Let’s get to know some of the common types of golf caps.

  • Traditional Golf Cap: This is the classic golf cap style with a rounded crown and a curved brim. It provides sun protection for golfers. So, it is often made from lightweight, breathable materials. Traditional golf caps are known for their timeless and understated look.
  • Visor Cap: This variant of the golf cap lacks a rounded crown, leaving the top of the head exposed. They consist mainly of a brim designed to shield the eyes from the sun while allowing for better airflow. These are ideal for golfers who prefer a more open and cool feel.
  • Bucket Hat: These hats have a wide, downward-sloping brim that goes all the way around the crown. They provide excellent sun protection for the face and neck. So, they are becoming a popular choice for golfers on sunny days.
  • Driver Cap: These are also known as flat caps or ivy caps. They have a unique and distinctive design with a flat, stiff brim and a rounded crown. They offer a stylish and retro look. Many golfers prefer them for their fashion-forward appearance.
  • Performance Cap: These caps are specifically designed for high-performance golfing. They are made from advanced moisture-wicking materials. They may include features like sweatbands and ventilation to keep the golfer dry and comfortable during a round.
  • Sun Protection Cap: These caps are designed with added sun protection features, such as UPF-rated fabrics or extended brims, to provide extra shade. They are ideal for golfers who spend long hours on the golf course in sunny cap vs golf cap

How to Choose the Right Golf Cap?

If you want a smooth golf experience on the course, you need to be careful about selecting a golf cap. You can maintain your performance during a golf round when you are wearing a suitable golf cap. It will protect your eyes from sunlight and keep your head cool.

Keep the following facts in mind while choosing a golf cap.

  • First, think about your specific requirements. Are you looking for sun protection, moisture-wicking properties, or rain resistance? If you want to narrow down your options, then identify your needs.
  • Pay attention to the materials used in the cap. Lightweight, breathable fabrics like polyester and blends are ideal for warm weather. On the contrary, water-resistant or wool caps are better for cooler conditions or rain.
  • The cap must fit comfortably on your head. Some caps come in different sizes, while others are adjustable with straps. A snug, but not too tight fit is essential for stability during swings.
  • Consider the brim style. A curved brim is standard for sun protection, while a flat brim or visor cap allows for a more open feel. Choose the one that gives you better sun protection.
  • Some golfers prefer a single cap that can work well in various conditions. Look for a cap that offers a balance of features. So, you can use it comfortably in different weather and play conditions.
  • If possible, try on the cap before purchasing. This will ensure the cap fits well and feels comfortable on your head.
  • Golf caps come in a wide price range. Set a budget based on your preferences and the features you require. After that, look for options that fit within that budget.

Final Thoughts

By weighing the differences in terms of baseball cap vs golf cap, you can confidently select the cap that best complements your needs. While both caps share common elements, the distinctions in materials, design, and intended use can greatly impact your comfort and performance.

Ultimately, the choice between a baseball cap and a golf cap will boil down to your specific needs and personal style.

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